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3M Scotchgard Auto Interior Fabric Protector Review

People like you can benefit using this product too!

Cheryl Tires uses this products and says:
When shopping for a new car recently I was looking for a leather or leather-like interior to resist spills and what not due to having a toddler (with another on the way). For the particular model I was looking at, it would have cost me way more than I'd like to spend just to get the seats I wanted because of automatic package upgrades for the vehicle. I looked into a more reasonably priced package (one with cloth seats) to save some cash and decided I'll just have to buy car seat covers. My uncle suggested I just get Scotchgard, and I'm thankful for his suggestion! I still ordered seat covers but they weren't scheduled to come in for some time so I got Scotchgard as a backup just in case any spills happened. And of course, spills did happen and were easy to clean up! I cleaned the spills up pretty quickly after it occurred so I couldn't say how the product performed after the liquid was sitting there, but Scotchgard allowed me enough time to grab a towel and soak it up before it began to settle into the upholstery. It worked so well that I will be looking into Scotchgarding the upholstery in my house! In a home with children, this is a must for your car (if you want to keep your sanity)!

Sean Keanne from Michigan uses this products and says:
This stuff works great, I was looking to spray something on my seats after I got them steam cleaned, this stuff works great and dries pretty quick. After I sprayed my seats with stuff and got them a little dirty, the dirt just comes right off without leaving a stain.

Peter Passman uses this products and says:
I use this product on each of our autos. I apply three coats over three days. Water beads up and blots off of the carpet. It is proteced from dirt and spills, and only vacuuming is needed to keep carpets clean.

Melody Potvin uses this products and says:
The dealer will charge you about $300 for a car treatment, but it's supposed to last forever. Not sure how much faith I put into that. The Scotchguard instructions say that this should be applied every three months. I've only had my new car for a few weeks, and immediately treated it. Thankfully, there haven't been any spills in that time frame. Previous Scotchguard treatments have been positive, so I don't see why this wouldn't be. Coverage is listed as being one can per row of the car. You must give two coats for optimum protection. I ended up using 1.5 cans for the second row and front seats, since the Honda Pilot doesn't have a bench seat up front. The heavy chemical smell will last 2-3 days, fading slowly over that time period. So if you're a person that is highly reactive to chemical smells, you're best saving this treatment for a period when you can leave your windows open and really air the vehicle out.

Soby Moluch uses this products and says:
Very nice product from Scotchgard. Does what it says. My daughter spilled coke on the seat and this product actually prevented the coke being absorbed in to the fabric and just enough time to wipe it away with towels. This product does prevent the spillage form being absorbed immediately into the fabric and gives you just about enough time so that you can brush the spillage off the seats or use towels to get rid of them.

Jen Sinners uses this products and says:
I was actually looking for the ScotchGuard for my couch when I came across the one for vehicle interiors. The auto ScothcGuard is cheaper on Amazon than it is at Walmart ($14) but if you are really looking for the one for upholstry then go to Target it's only $5.We haven't spilled anything yet so I can't tell you if it really works or not.

How 3M Scotchgard Auto Interior Fabric Protector Help You?
  • Helps keep auto interiors looking like new.
  • Repels oil and water.
  • Protects against soiling.
  • It has Powerful barrier causes liquids to bead up on the fabric surface for easy cleanup.
  • With such gentle wash, stain will be released in a minute.

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